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Thankfully, we’re here to help.

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We here at Women’s Health Weekly are a group of knowledgeable females who’ve been in this industry in various forms for quite some time. Because of this experience and level of immersion, we know exactly what works and what does not work. This website is actually the result of a collective decision we all made to share our experience in the hopes of helping women make the right choice the first time in regards to sprucing up their sex lives at long last.

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210 Responses to “Home”

  1. Sylvia says:

    I am in the same situation, 66 years old, my new partner is wonderful, he takes v**gra I would like to take something to help me,

  2. Niki says:

    Hi, I am 41yrs old and have been with my husband for 13yrs. I go in streaks i guess you could call it. Like 2 summers ago I couldn’t get enough sex which with him is amazing! Now I go in streaks where I don’t want it at all but once we get started I’m fine. i go for days where i feel nothing and then my libido hits like a ton of bricks. last night we just got into a big argument about it and I’m scared to death that if something doesn’t change he will leave me. He is very sexually driven. I do have an underactive thyroid which I have dealt with for over 9yrs and take medication for, I know that has something to do with it. I eat fairly healthy and stay active. I just think I need a little boost for my sex drive. Can you please suggest something for me???

    • admin says:

      Your problem seems more hormonal than anything else so these supplements should help. They would help balance your hormones which should help you enjoy a healthy appetite for sex. Hopefully it would sort out any issues you are having with your husband. Use the gel for added pleasure for both you and your partner.

  3. Missy says:

    Hi, I’m 24 and have been with my partner for 4 years we have to kids one is 2 and a half the other 14 months. I do my best to maintain a healthy sex life with my partner but lately my sex drive has totally vanished and I’m not interested in sex at all. I’m really upset about it, I’ve always been fit and healthy but pregnancy has ravished my body and I dont feel attractive

    • admin says:

      It seems that your hormonal balance has not been restored to its optimum level after pregnancy. I would have recommended hersolution but I guess you are nursing the younger one? If not, you could try the pills. Otherwise gel is the best option for you. It should really help in your case as we have seen a lot of success in women who complain of lost desire after pregnancy.

  4. Taneka says:

    Hi im 18 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. I have only ever had sex with him and have never had an orgasm before. When we first got together i was horny all the time and we had sex often but i never had an orgasm or felt any sense of pleasure. Over time this lead to me not feeling like sex anymore and avoiding it as much as possible. Now when we try to have sex it physically hurts me because it feels like there is no lubrication. I feel terrible because i love my boyfriend so much but we go months with out doing anything sexual because i just dont feel like it and when we do try we cant because it hurts me too much. I dont know whether there is something wrong with me or what i can do to fix it and i feel too embarassed to talk to a doctor becuase im so young. Do u think one of these pills or gels will help me?

    • admin says:

      There is a very good chance that these pills and gel will help in your case. Not being able to have an orgasm has made you mentally run away from sex as it is no longer enjoyable. These supplements will not only help you get the desire back but address the root cause of the problem – sex not being enjoyable. By stimulating you naturally, making your sexual areas more sensitive and ready and increasing the required sensations they will help you get an orgasm. Of course, you need to talk to your partner to ensure that he is doing all the right things that you like and you want your partner to do. Obviously he has not been stimulating the right areas!

  5. Kathi says:

    my friend you are not alone. i am 49 years old and i am not sure if i have ever had one either. i think that if i have to guess.., i havent had one. it is so frustrating. my husband and i havent had sex in 8 months. i do everything in my power to avoid it. why because i am not into it. i wish i too could get out of my head but sex is supposed to be physical as well as mental isnt it? God i wish somebody could help me. i still look good nobody believes me when i tell them my age. i want to feel good too for once in my almost 50 years.

  6. Maria says:

    Hi, I am 52 years old. Three years ago I had a minor stroke which has left numbness on my left side. Before the stroke, my nipples were connected to my clit (if you know what I mean) since the stroke I have lost alot of feeling in both areas. I also am in complete menopause. I used to LOVE sex and couldn’t get enough, now I don’t care if I have it or not. (Not really good for the relationship I am in) My gyno has been no help. I have even broken up with my boyfriend of 11 years because I can’t stand the guilt of not wanting to be intimate. My boyfriend has told me he will wait for me to work things out but I need HELP! What do you suggest?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately these supplements may not be reverse the numbness caused by a stroke but you might want to give the gel a shot and see if it can sensitize the local area? It’s a long shot but something you could try without medical intervention.

  7. Shannon says:

    I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago, my sex drive keeps getting worse,so I visited my OBGYN he says I have little almost no libido(after bloodwork)….so he prescribes testosterome containing pills that are very expensive, and my insurance wont cover! if I did pay for them who says they will even work!!UGH…My husband cant even satisfy me anymore, i have no feeling left..I joking say my clitoris is broke,but really thats how I feel.He can rub,suck,blow and noooooo feeling is there, I wish I can atleast get a tingle…any suggestions…please HELP…which product do you think may help?

    • admin says:

      You should first try the gel and see if your sensations look like coming back with its effect. If it shows any sign of improvement you could combine pills with the gels to get maximum benefit.

  8. Eleni says:

    I’m 36 years old. My husband is the only man I’ve ever had sex with. We didn’t sleep together until we were married. Plenty of arousal and foreplay, but not sex (and, he’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with).

    It’s been over 8 years since we’ve been married, four children later… and I have to say, while there are some wonderful, playful moments… most often I feel like this whole sex thing is just NOT all it’s cracked up to be. I can count the number of times the act of sex itself (the thrusting) actually felt unbelievable! I remember thinking, “gosh, if it was like this all the time… I can see why sex is so amazing!” buuuuut it’s not like that all the time (next to never)… WHY?!?!

    I’m always feeling like, “what am I missing here?” And, as a result, I overthink it… and that’s probably part of the problem. I think I just need to get outta my head. I’m so embarrassed, but I don’t even know if I’ve reached orgasm or not. I read some of the above comments from others, and there are so many moments where I feel amazing, and I think I did, but then I continue to feel it again and I just get so confused and can’t get out of my own head. Oftentimes I just feel so pressured and it turns into work.

    My husband is amazing and I feel like such an absolute fool!!!! Of course it’s not something I feel comfortable talking about. What nearly 40 year old woman doesn’t know if she’s had an orgasm or not?!

    Very little drive. Feel like I don’t know my own body. Ashamed and embarrassed. [I can't believe I'm writing this... LOL ;) ] Help!

  9. Eliza says:

    I am 22 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 6 months. We love eachother and are happy with eachother but BOTH of our stamina is…. Well, his is low… & Mine, I have to talk myself into wanting to have sex. It’s not that I dont want to because it drives me nuts when we don’t but I have to get myself syked up for it when it used to just be a natural everyday thing which has now turned into a once a week thing.

    • admin says:

      Since you have mentioned no other medical problems, hersolution/provestra should work very well in your case. Whether it is psychological or physical, it should boost your sex drive and hopefully you wouldn’t need to talk yourself into wanting it. Not to mention, it will also make sex more enjoyable encouraging you to want more.

  10. Chelsy says:

    i am 21 years old.i lost my sexdrive about 3 years,i didnt start to have sex till i was 20.Once i had it ,i didnt feel anything,and didnt get aroused either.so i broke up with my boyfried.starting this year i have 2 partners but still ,i dont feel horny and feel nothing during sex.i need help:((

    • admin says:

      You should check with a doctor for a possible underlying medical condition causing a lack of desire to have sex as well as stimulation when having sex. At your age, you should be feeling a lot more horny to say the least.

  11. amber says:

    Im 28 and have been with my partner for 8 years. My libido disapered about 6 years ago. We used to have lots of great sex and i dont know why but i just stopped wanting it. Im happy in life and am fit and eat well. We have a great relationship except for my lack of libido. I feel guilty for saying no, i feel terrible if i go along with it and am not into it. He feels like its him and that im not attracted to him which isnt true, his very attrective. Im sick of living this way as im sure he is. I dont want to be one of those couples where the man ends up cheating because his partner doesnt want sex but thats where i feel were heading :( Please help. Do you think i should try the pills? I have tried horney goat weed etc with no luck.

    • admin says:

      Have you check with your doctor about the possible problem? It is possible that there is an underlying medical condition that is causing this. Once you understand why this is happening you would be able to address it. Yes, pills should help get your libido back but it is advisable to first understand the cause.

  12. kirsten says:

    i’m going crazy! my sex drive is non-existent now. it used to be the case where i didn’t have the desire, but once we got started, i was into it. and at that point i was taking migraine pills and we thought that was possibly the problem. but since then, i have gone off of the pills and now have no desire even during sex. i am taking a birth control pill, but i have been on that for years and had no problem with them before. and maybe i should also mention that we got married about 9 months ago, which just makes me feel all the more bad for my husband. HELP!

    • admin says:

      Birth control pills can decrease your libido so even though you have been taking them for a long time, you should ask your doctor if you can change it.

  13. jessica says:

    Hi I am 22 yea old ad i have been with my boyfriend for 1 1/2 years. I have had low sex drive and when he initiates it I have no desire to do it. once im doing it i am fine an i orgasm fine.We have gotten into many fghts now and he asks what is it.. and i am not in the mood.I am the pill and told my gyno about it. She sugested changing pill, but i have been on the same one for three years now and it has done its job.. im not pregnant. I need help and i dont want my low desire to ruin my relationship.

    • admin says:

      Birth control pills often mess up with your libido. Changing them can work so it might be worth trying as your doctor says. HerSolution pills have also shown good results in such cases and you might be able to continue with the current form of birth control and regain your libido at the same time.

  14. Peggy says:

    I am 59, married 27+ years. Went through menopause in my 40′s and have zero sex drive, nada. We use lubricants but quite frankly, I am no even interested, and haven’t been for many years. What gives?

    • admin says:

      Lubricants are just, well, lubricants. They are not meant to increase your libido. However, specialized gels like vigorelle and hersolution are not just lubricants. They contain active ingredients to help you regain your sex drive naturally. It would be advisable to combine them with pills since it has been a long time since you lost your drive and it might take a while to get it back.

  15. pamela harrington says:

    Hi, I am a 53 year old women who went through menopause over the last ten years. I now have no estrogen serge or sex drive what so ever. When I do try to have sex with my very understanding husband it is painful. Also I had a breast lump removed a number of years ago so I can not take estrogen therapy. I would love to have my sex drive back, so would my husband, help….

    • admin says:

      Since oral supplements may not be suitable for you because of your inability to take anything that increases your estrogen levels, you can try the gel which acts locally and may stimulate your genital regions to activate your lost desire. It would also help with the pain by lubricating the region externally as well as helping your body to produce more natural lubricants to lubricate the area. Not to mention, it’s unique sensation can make sex more enjoyable probably encouraging you to want more.

  16. Debbie says:

    I am a 54 yrs old, I had a Hysterectomy when I was 49. I still have my Ovaries but I have no sex drive at all!!!! My libido is rock bottom, I love my husband very much but not the sex. We have not made love in 10 months, we are both very frustrated and I want to fix the problem before he leaves me!!

    • admin says:

      Have you consulted your doctor regarding this? 10 months is way too long to go without sex and it is surely going to have an impact on your relationship. You might want to try taking hersolution pills as well as use the gel for an extended period which can help get you some of the lost libido back.

  17. Garrison says:

    My wife is 34 and has no sex drive. She has never had an orgasm and is dry as a bag of sand – in the sun! I’m going to try this because this no sex thing is driving me NUTS!!! There are so many pressures on a man’s performance but it’s time for women to start performing in the bed and keep us men happy. Remember, we’re much easier to please than women are!!!

  18. Jodie says:

    That sounds like me. I am 41 and been with my partner for 9years and have a 4 year old. He has done some major emotional damage and counselling has helped to a degree.
    My ‘problem’ according to him is I have no passion. I am not one for hours of foreplay, I like sex, but apparent;y my ‘problem’ is I don’t want all the romance that goes with it.
    I am not terribly romantic, although I am one of the most thoughtful and considerate people in all other aspects of my life.
    Sex is not my number one priority as it is for him.

    I think he is ready to leave a perfectly good relationship based purely on a limited but still existent sex life.

  19. Melissa says:

    I am 38 years old and just had a partial hysterectomy, was able to keep both my ovaries. Prior to the problems that started requiring the hysterectomy, my husband and I had an amazing sex life and I had reached a point that even if I wasn’t in the mood, once we started it took very little time to reach orgasm and most of the time multiple orgasms. It has been 10 weeks since the surgery and since we have gotten the OK to have sex again, I am struggling with sexual desire and the ability to orgasm. My libido was extremely strong immediately after the surgery, but now it is just gone and I desperately want it back. I also have noticed that I am very reserved in the bedroom now which was not an issue before. We have a very open sex life and try many different things to keep things exciting, but I am even struggling with anything new at this point. We have been married for 16 years and have 5 kids. It took us a long time to reach the point where we were before the surgery and I don’t want anything to ruin what we had. Please help!!!!!

    • admin says:

      It is too soon to expect your libido to be back after hysterectomy. Please give yourself some time to see if your libido comes back. Many women struggle to get their libido back after hysterectomy – but a lot of them do as well. So please wait and see if you are back where you want to be or else seek medical advice.

  20. Georgia says:

    Hi, you could have some physical problems that a cream might not fix. People with endometriosis often display the same symptoms that you have described so maybe seeing your GP or Gyno is the best first step to take…

  21. Kelsey says:

    Hi, I’m 19 and have been with my fiance for 2 1/2 years and I have been having trouble getting aroused. I remember how it used to be, and it’s not that I don’t want sex, I just can’t seem to get to that point. Plus I sometimes have trouble reaching an orgasm, as well as staying lubricated. We have tried different things, so it’s not because sex is boring or anything. Another think is that after and sometimes during sex it hurts. Like afterwards I feel like I have cramps because my insides hurt. I’m at my wits end here, and to be honest, I miss easy sex. Please help!

  22. ashley says:

    im going to be 24 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. we recently had our daughter in october and ever since i do not get horny or arroused. my boyfriend can touch all my spots and areas’ but nothing happenes for me. i have four kids. im looking for an answer so that i can solve my problem if its possible. or if i need to find a doctor what are they called

    • admin says:

      As mentioned before, sex drive can take a serious dip after childbirth due to all the hormonal changes your body is going through. But for most women it comes back with time. So you could wait a while and see if it comes back and then consult a doctor if needed. You can consult your gynecologist first and he/she can refer you further if needed.

  23. Ian says:

    I have been with my girlfriend for two years. We have amazing sex, however right away I could tell and she told me that she could not reach an orgasim and never has. I have tried everything that I can think of to help her reach it. I feel we have been close but she tells me that she feels like she gets almost there then she seems to come back down. I personally feel she needs to see a doctor and get a medication. However I am here to use this as another means of helping her. I feel that she is missing out on life by not feeling how awesome an orgasim is. My concerns with the product are this…will it mess with her birth control? She already takes alot of vitamins, will this product put to many in her system? Also please do not simply tell me that the product “may help, so buy it.” This is a very serious issue for us and many people. Should a doctor be consulted?

    • admin says:

      I am not sure if a doctor will be able to help since it does not seem to be a medical problem but it might be worth consulting one anyway to be sure. When it comes to these supplements, you might want to try the gel if your partner is able to reach close to getting an orgasm but never actually getting one. The gel can provide that extra bit of stimulation to get her there.

  24. Shelbi says:

    Hi. I am almost 20 years old. I starting dating my husband when I was just 15 years old. Once we starting having sex it was great.. we would have sex all the time. Then, we got pregnant and had a little boy. We were broken up for most of the pregnancy in which we dated other people. Anyway, we got back together after the birth of our son and shortly after got married. Now I literally feel like I hate sex. I really don’t I guess because I am always able to reach orgasim once we start having sex but just getting started is that hardest part. I could probably go a month without even thinking about sex and I just cannot figure out why I now have such a dramatically low sex drive. My husband, needless to say, is getting frustrated with this. I haven’t been to my OBGYN since 2008 so I obviously need to go but that costs money. I have had the Mirena since my son was born in 2008 so I don’t know if that is part of the problem. I need to figure out what the problem is! Please help!!!

    • admin says:

      Pregnancy and childbirth involves a huge amount of hormonal changes in your body. Unfortunately, it can have an adverse impact on your sex drive. Often, after childbirth, sex drive can dip but for most people it comes back on its own as your body returns to normal hormonal balance. So you may want to wait and see if your sex drive returns. If it does not, you might want to talk to your doctor or seek other help.

  25. Leana says:

    I am 23 years old and have been married for almost 4 years. Recently I just haven’t had much of a sex drive. He feels like every time he brings up the topic of sex, he is beating a dead horse. Its not that we have a routine or its boring, he is constantly trying new things, most of which I like, but its still not enough to keep me interested in sex. I am able to orgasm every time so thats not the issue. I am not on birth control, we do have 2 young children that I take care of full time, but I doubt thats the issue. I need help. How do I increase my sex drive????

    • admin says:

      It seems to be a hormonal issue but to get to the root of the problem you should consult your doctor. You could also try hersolution to see if it can get your libido back as climaxing and enjoyment is not the issue. Hersolution does work well to get the desire.

  26. Carole says:

    Hi I am a 61 year old widow who is just now getting back into the dating scene after a 38 year marriage. Recently was with a gentlemen and even though he tried and tried I could not reach an orgasm no matter what he tried. He was the first since I lost my husband and it has been 4 years since I’ve had any type of intimacy with anyone. Not sure if it was stress, age, loss of libido or what. What can I do or take to help boast my sexual drive?

  27. abby says:

    Hi, I’m 23 and have been married to my husband for 9 months. We’ve lived in separate states ever since the wedding because of our jobs. When I do get to see him its for about a week a month and he wants sex all the time. But I have no interest in sex at all. It’s not that I don’t love him, we used to have sex all the time before getting married, and before we lived so far from each other. I feel bad that I always turn him down because of how little I see him, but when we do have sex I hardly enjoy it and kind of just wish it were over. Any suggestions??

    • admin says:

      Do you feel like having sex otherwise and not just with him only or have you lost interest in sex completely? If you don’t feel the desire anymore, you might want to consult a doctor and see if there is any underlying medical condition. These supplements can also be of help and may re-ignite your sex drive. You have also mentioned that not only do you not feel like having sex but even when you have it you don’t enjoy it – has it got anything to do with having the same partner and the act becoming too predictable thereby taking the excitement out of it? Possibly you can try something different to make it more interesting.

    • admin says:

      Do you feel like having sex otherwise and not just with him only or have you lost interest in sex completely? If you don’t feel the desire anymore, you might want to consult a doctor and see if there is any underlying medical condition. These supplements can also be of help and may re-ignite your sex drive. You have also mentioned that not only do you not feel like having sex but even when you have it you don’t enjoy it – has it got anything to do with having the same partner and the act becoming too predictable thereby taking the excitement out of it? Possibly you can try something different to make it more interesting.

  28. Leanne says:

    Could you take Hersolution gel and Provestra together?

  29. rihanne says:

    I can not orgasm through intercourse… I can through oral but I just can’t seem to after foreplay… its really frustrating since I feel bad for faking it with my husband :( is there anything that can help this?

    • admin says:

      Have you tried different positions for better clitoral stimulation? You are obviously not getting the right kind of stimulation since you are capable of getting an orgasm if done right. A better technique might be just what you need and you may not need these pills or gels. However, if you want to make your genital area more sensitive so you an orgasm more easily, you could try the gel which will do just that.

  30. carol says:

    Hi, I have never been able to have a orgasm through intercourse . I dont get aroused. I tried watching porn, different positions and products but I seem to not get aroused or been able to have an orgasm. I have to use lubricant because I dont get wet for the act I am assuming because I dont get aroused. Can you please advise?

    • admin says:

      Pills seem to be the best option for you since arousal is your main issue. Pills will help create the right hormonal balance required to have desirable sex drive. They should help getting lubrication as well.

  31. julie says:

    I have been with my fiance for five years now. For the first 4 years my sex life with him was exactly where it needed to be. All of the sudden in this fifth year of dating him, I no longer feel the need to have sex. Once a week is good enough for me, and sometimes I can even wait longer. I saw a response earlier that said to maybe spice it up and try something more new and exciting because routine gets old, but I’ve tried that and still no improvement. Using a gel or pill could get a little expensive…anymore free tips that could boost my sex drive back to where it’s supposed to be? Could my birth control be a cause for a lower libido?

    • admin says:

      How long have you been on birth control? It can definitely impact your sex drive. Most likely that seems to be the problem. Possibly you should switch to condoms for birth control as it will not mess with your hormones.

  32. piscean says:

    U n me share the same story mam,except for the gel…lets hope for the best

  33. piscean says:

    Well said.What u have said is 100% true

  34. deanna says:

    i was recently diagnosed with severe endometriosis and had to have a total hysterectomy. my dr said he was going to try to save my ovaries, and i was devastated when i awoke to find that he took them. i am on hrt daily. but since my surgery i have no sex drive. im 40 years old. our sex life was amazing before my surgery and now its non exsistent. my husband thinks i dont find him attractive or i just dont want him. thats not the case. my gyn tells me to be patient it will come back. i have not be intimate with my husband in over 4 months. im feeling like i am starting to lose my mind. please help.

  35. Elaine says:

    Dr. Phil. It’s OK to lock the door and tell your kids not to disturb Mom and Dad. Remember that qltiuay, not quantity, is the most important factor.The choices you make have consequences. For example, if you choose to work, go to school and have a family, you may have very little left to invest in a sexual relationship. Change your behavior and decisions if you want different consequences. Try delegating responsibility if you’re too exhausted or over-worked for sex. The qltiuay of a relationship depends on how well it meets the needs of those involved. Consider your partner’s needs as legitimate, and look at how you can meet those needs. Don’t label your partner as being wrong or having something wrong with him/her because that dismisses the issue.Ask yourself or your partner: Are you really too tired? Or are you just tired of him/her? Are you getting him/her in the mood? If your version of foreplay is “Honey, brace yourself,” you may want to try doing things differently. You may need to work a little harder to motivate, inspire, seduce or attract your partner. If your wife is exhausted from a busy day of chasing kids around, try to do some things that will decompress her. Run a bath and let her relax while you put the kids to bed. Even the smallest gesture can seem romantic to your partner. Talk to your doctor for more information about whether biochemical and hormonal factors can be contributing to a low or high sex drive.

  36. Linda says:

    Hi, I am 22 years old and I have been with my husband for 4 years. We have a daughter together and I have 2 stepdaughters from his previous marriage. When we first got together, I could not keep my hands off him and in the last couple of months I have absolutely no desire to have sex..none…at all. My husband is very attractive, besides the no sex drive, we have no other problems, and I hate doing this to us because we argue so much more! What do you suggest?!?!?!? I’m desperate!

    • admin says:

      Are you bored of the same routine when it comes to sex so you don’t feel the drive anymore? It is often seen that the exciting goes out of sex when you have been with the same partner for some time as everything becomes so predictable. Now might be the time to experiment and try something new – something that excites you and possibly it will bring the spark back.

  37. Drew says:

    Im 25, and engaged to my BF of 5 years. For a while now, my intrerast in sex has been decreasing. I frst thought it was school, or work, or stress, but the only time i find my self wanting sex is around the time of my period. Weird. I know this is driving my Fiance’ crazy, because when we first starting dating i was a firecracker in bed. I WANT THAT BACK!!! I love him very much and want to be a great wife in that aspect. Im not sure what to do and to be honest, im very suspect of trying anything like this, but i just want a healthy sex life back. Does this pill work like viagra? Will it make me horny all day long? How do i know if the gell or the cream is best for me?

  38. Natalie says:

    I’m 32 yrs old. I don’t have a lack of desire for sex I am extremely attracted to and want to have sex with my husband all the time, but over the past few years I have noticed a decrease in sensitivity in my clitoris and ability to have multiple orgasms. My best button was my husband being able to stimulate my nipples. I have recently had breast augmentation surgery which has left me with numb nipples. Now that they are numb I am having problems reaching climax and usually only can (sometimes) reach orgasm once. Any suggestions on a supplement that can increase my sensitivity in my clitoris and help me become multi-orgasmic again.

    • admin says:

      Hersolution gel is your best bet as you don’t have any issue with arousal. It will stimulate your clitoris as well as vaginal walls to make sex more pleasurable and help you achieve orgasm.

  39. Peaches says:

    This site is vey interesting – its a nice feeling to know Im not the only one with problems.
    I am only 22 and I have been with my bf for over 3 years and in absolute honesty I dont enjoy sex at all – I only do it cos i know my bf enjoys it. I have never orgasimed and most of the time I would prefer read a book then have sex. I love my bf very much but it scares me to think that for the rest of my life I could feel like this.

    Can you recommend something that will help with both wanting to have sex and possible reaching an orgasim?


    • admin says:

      A combination of pills and gel should help in your case. Pills will help you get the desire and the drive to have sex and the gel will make sex more pleasurable encouraging you to want more of it.

  40. Jane says:

    I am 56 years old. have been married for almost 30 yrs. I too, like one of the above had never had an orgasm. I thought sex was to be close to someone, and that it was to make the man happy-which it does. I could go the rest of my life without and love when my husband leaves, It’s just one more thing I have to do. I married him b/c he got me to orgasm, but now, I tell him my “cummer” is broken. I used to masturbate, but have no desire for that either. The last time I was able to orgasm, was probably 2 years ago, when I have to imagine, his ex-wife watching us, or other’s watching. I would love to have the desire, and enjoy it. I just don’t. Please help. I have gone through menopause. I am on Prometrium. My doctor once gave me testosterone cream, but that didn’t work.

    • admin says:

      It seems that sex has become more of a routine than something you both look forward to. It is time to experiment and see if that brings back the spark. You have mentioned that last time you had an orgasm you had to imagine someone watching.. if that is your fantasy then maybe you wanna try that in reality if your husband is up for it? Or even play out some of your other fantasies?

  41. Amanda says:

    I have been with my fiance for five years and sex was great. When I moved in last march things started going down hill. I don’t feel interested in sex anymore. I very rarely am in the mood and my fiance is horny all the time and is always having to initiate sex. This issue is tearing us apart. I want to have a great sex life again but just don’t have the drive to get it back. I don’t want to get hooked or be dependent on pills. I am only 25 years old. Any advise you can give would be appreciated. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Why did things start going downhill? Has sex become boring for you? Try to make it interesting again by trying new things possibly? Have you talked to your doctor to see if there is a medical problem that might need addressing?

  42. Karen (LMFT) says:

    Don’t forget that our minds are our biggest “sex organ.” If women do not feel emotionally close to their partner, generally speaking they will not feel the desire to be sexually intimate either. After the initial stages of infatuation are a thing of the past, and the relationship has moved on to a more “comfortable” stage–sex drives will diminish if men and women don’t continue to seek emotional intimacy and closeness FIRST are foremost. Think of ways to stimilate your mind together. Also, If the male has done anything to hurt the female, this also needs to be resolved for her to feel close to him again. Women also need to learn how to have love for themselves and when you feel good about yourself, you will feel safe in giving yourself and being close intimately. Sexual anorexics are often really not afraid of sex, but of intimacy, so they avoid sex with others at all costs. I don’t think this is the case in most circumstances, though. (Meaning most of the ppl who post here do not have sexual anorexia)

  43. Jessica says:

    Hello, I just want to start by saying I am so happy that I’m not the only one going through this, reading other peoples issues reassured me that infact im not the only one. So im 22 , I been with my fiance for almost 8 months now, I know this is a problem with me not him or us because the same issue with my ex happened but i never really did anything about it. So at first with my ex and my fiance sex was always on my mind for the first 1-3 months maxxxxx.. I would be the one initiating it always wanting and if he ever did I wouldnt mind. Right now it got to a point where I dont want it, i dont think about it but when we do have sex its not a problem for me to orgasim. It’s just the getting to it part or starting it. I feel horrible because he always says I dont want it anymore. I dont know what to reply to that because I really dont know what to do , I dont know what the answer is its very confusing. Can you help please I dont want to take anything that will effect me in the future or having kids im very paranoid about that, or have any side affects.

    • admin says:

      Is it possible that you are bored already? As you have mentioned, it happened with your ex as well after a few months. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your hormones but possible you need to make sex more exciting for you as it seems you are going through the motions right now so you don’t feel the urge. Are you attracted towards others? Is it just your fiance that you don’t feel like having sex with?

  44. Shanda says:

    Well lets see where to start. I am 29, have 2 girls 10 and 12. As far as I know I have never had a sex drive. I dont know if this is because I was Raped at 13 or not. I also have ADD but am not taking med’s because they cost to much. Until I was 26 to me sex was for the Guy. I have tried toys and they do nothing for me. Also at 25 I had a prolapsed bladder and had to have surgery. So pain during sex was apart of my life for 4 years before I found a Dr that knew something.

    Now that most of my history is there we can start on the current. I have been with my BF for 4 years. He is great tries anything in the world to get me to Orgasm and I cant. I get wet can actually start to enjoy it but then its like my body shuts down. And there are times that I feel like I am close but can never get there. It is very frustrating to say the least. Is there anything out there that can help?

    • admin says:

      Sorry to heat about your past. Since you are having difficulty achieving orgasm you should try hersolution gel which should further stimulate your sexual organs during sex and should help you fulfill your desire.

  45. Kay says:

    I am with you! I am 29 have been married for 6 years and i have NO drive what so ever. I try to explain to my hubby that I DONT WANT TO FEEL THIS way, but he says im making excuses. I am too the point that i feel he is addicted to sex because he wants it so often and i NEVER want it! When we first started having sex we had it 2x a day most days! and now i am never in the mood. Every time we have the “talk” he gets so mad because he doesnt get how i went from wanting it 2x a day to never wanting it! i try to tell him i dont know either! and if i ever say that i need the emotional part it always comes back to “if we had more sex” we would have the emotional side. HELP PLEASE!!! i was tested about 4 years ago and found that i had a lower testosterone level, and the dr gave me a cream to use to apply to my clitoris and suggested my hubby do it, but i dont WANT anything like that why would i want him to apply it, and i just have no interest in apply it to myself as i do not masterbate either!

  46. Danielle says:

    I am 32 years old I have been with my husband for 13 years and I have no sex drive at all, and he is always wanting sex which makes me want it less and finally after a week or two I give in but i dont enjoy it I fell like it is a job I have to do buy the way I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids.I dont want to feel this way and i asked my doctor about this and she blew it off. If there is any advice you can give me to increase my sex drive I would appriciate it.

    • admin says:

      As you can probably see from other comments posted, it is a very common problems. The reasons as also pretty much the same for all cases – stress, monotony, hormonal imbalances etc which all take a toll on your sex drive. It is time to experiment, play out your fantasies, try and bring the passion back. All these things help stimulate your senses. Talk to your partner, be adventurous. To help you re-ignite the desire, you can try these pills with the gel which will restore your hormonal balance, give you the relaxation you need to get in the mood and improve the blood flow in your genital areas to make sex more enjoyable and pleasurable.

  47. jay says:

    hi there i am afemale to male i have been taking testerone for the last year fist tablets and then 1ml of t depo. i am now haing a great promblem at climaxing .i have been with my partner for 11 years. i have had a hysterectomy in 2010.i was able to have muilple climaxes before i started the male hormones. it has become such a promblem. that i now have stopped. is there any thing i can get from you that may help this promblem.there is noiting wrong with my sex drive and i am not going thriugh the change .i still have my overies.and i still get really wet when turned on. so i think the female hormones are still kicking in.can you please email me with any advice.i know this is a bit diffrent to deal with. but i have been told that the t will be out of my system by now.thanks jay .also where is your produts from. i am in newzealand,

    • admin says:

      Obviously your hormonal situation is a little messed up and before it gets normalized with time it is unlikely that your situation will change. So it is best to be patient and let it get out of your system completely and then you can try these gels/pills to restore your normal hormonal balance and help you enjoy a good sex life. All these products are made in the US/Canada but shipped to New Zealand.

  48. elysia says:

    also i would like to add that i’m only 22 and just had a baby 8 months ago. and i know that sex drive decreases after having a baby. but when my daughter was first born thats all i wanted and over the months it slowly decreased and now i’m lucky to be in the mood once a month. i hate that i can’t please my boyfriend sexually.

    • admin says:

      if you are breast feeding your baby then pills are not advised for you. However, you can use the gel which will definitely help you get in the mood more often. Once you stop nursing the baby, you can take pills as well if required. Hopefully, you will have regained your sexual appetite by then and won’t need any supplements at all.

  49. elysia says:

    i love my boyfriend very much and i like having sex but my sex drive is just non exsistent. i’m never in the mood and when i am he’s no where to be found. please help me get my sex drive back as it is tearing our relationship apart.

  50. James says:

    I need advice about my wife. We are both 32 and we have 4 kids. We use to have sex all the time now i’m lucky if it’s once a month. She says she’s not in the mood all the time. It started about a year ago or rather it stopped about a year ago. She took over her father’s business and between that and the kids she has to be tired all the time but she is always going and never complains. We both think that her sex drive has dropped off since then and we are have been looking around on the internet for something to boost her sex drive back to what it was before and I came across this site hoping someone would know what was best to buy. Once we start having sex she enjoys it. It’s just that getting her to want to have sex is well i dont even try anymore because we just end up mad at each other. I know sex can have an impact on your mood, sex is good your mood is good. WE just want my wife back. I love her very much and would never leave her over this but if there is something out there that will help her get her sex drive back we want to know what it is.

    • admin says:

      Obviously her busy work life along with fulfilling the requirements of 4 kids is impacting her sex life. Not sure what you are into but is there anything that you can do to reduce her workload so she has more time for you and also you get to spend more time with each other? Supplements like hersolution will definitely help in getting her in the mood and boost her desire but if she is too tired and has no time at all, it might go in vain. So, try to find more time for each other and along with these supplements your sex life should look up very soon! It won’t harm to try and play out her fantasies and make things more interesting in bed as spending so many years together can make things monotonous which adversely impacts the drive.

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