Depression and A Woman’s Sex Drive

March 26th, 2010

Depression is a powerful affliction that can affect different aspects of one’s life. It places great stress on how we go about our daily lives and more importantly our personal relationships. Depression may lead people to withdraw totally from society and can drive a wedge between couples.

Whether mild or severe, depression places great stress on the psychological makeup of a person and affects how they feel about themselves and the people around them. A person’s sex drive can be dramatically affected by the health of their present mental condition.

Depression can make a person feel unwanted and unattractive – negative feelings which have a direct effect on their sex drive. This can also lessen the pleasurable experience during sex making it more difficult to continue the act or desire it in the future.

A healthy sex drive starts with a healthy mind and body. Much of the desire to perform intercourse is because a person is able to think clearly and appreciate intercourse. The state of depression clouds the mental faculties and hinders them from concentrating, an important aspect of establishing the urge to perform ssex.

If you find your partner suffering from a bout of depression, this may also lead them to have a decreased sex drive. An unhealthy lifestyle could also make people prone to mood swings and depression. This is why keeping your body healthy is not only important for performing better in bed but having a healthy sex drive.

People should not be confused between sexual desire and physical arousal. Sex drive or libido is the desire to perform the sexual act while sexual arousal is the body’s reaction to sexual stimuli. Sex drive deals with the person’s state of mind making people with a higher sex drive easier to get aroused.

This is one of the reasons why depressed people have a harder time indulging in sexual intercourse. Being unable to concentrate because of the lack of self esteem decreases appreciation of the sexual act. Focusing on your partner could be very difficult when the mind is occupied with problems.

A lot of things that happen in the body start with the mind; for example, vaginal lubrication is a direct effect of sexual arousal. The brain sends signals to the different parts of the body as a direct response to stimuli received. Depression desensitizes the body and the amount of stimuli being received.

Some medications are known to cause depression. People who are diagnosed with high levels of stress or anxiety are sometimes given these medications to manage their condition. Prozac for example does not only relax the body managing stress levels but also numbs the senses depriving the body of external stimuli needed for sexual arousal.

Like all medical conditions, treating and managing a decreased sex drive is done by first identifying what is causing the problem. Depression is a psychological condition which has a direct affect on the body’s natural functioning including decreased sexual libido. Treating and managing the factors causing depression can go a long way in improving sexual desire or libido.

3 Responses to “Depression and A Woman’s Sex Drive”

  1. Ruth says:

    Is this something you have to take daily or just when the mood gets to you that you are ready to make love?

  2. Guillermina Ossman says:

    There could be several factors why a woman gets depressed. Hormone adjustments or a stressful life event, such as a death within the family, can trigger chemical changes inside the brain that result in depression. Depression is also an illness that runs in some families. Other times, it is not clear what causes depression.

  3. Sandy says:

    Is the libido gel “her solution gel” safe in pregnancy?

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