The TRUTH about the Female Orgasm

March 26th, 2010

Reaching climax is the highpoint of sexual intercourse. Men and women are built differently and this is evident in how they reach orgasm. Unlike men, the female’s sensitive parts are located internally, which makes reaching an orgasm a bit more difficult for women.

Men often concentrate their efforts on the vaginal area because they believe that women can achieve an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. Although the female’s clitoris is considered to be their most sensitive part, spending some time on the other erogenous zones could help them achieve faster and stronger orgasms.

It may come as a surprise for men but women do not have an orgasm every time they have sex. This is either because men climax before their female partners or the male is unable to stimulate the female into orgasm.

Men should also understand that sex and stimulation for women does not deal only with the physical aspect but a lot more with their state of mind. This is why setting the mood and what you say or do before physical contact helps the female in reaching an orgasm.

The clitoris serves only one purpose and that is for sexual pleasure. So concentrating on this part of the female anatomy can make sex not only an enjoyable experience for a female but more importantly also a satisfying one.

Men should also consider spending more time in foreplay than just concentrating on penetrating the female vagina. Sometimes it takes a fair amount of time before a female is fully prepared for intercourse. Heating up your intimate encounter before actually doing it can help females achieve orgasm faster.

Studies have shown that men achieve orgasm after 10 to 15 minutes of sexual activity, but men who are already adequately stimulated are able to reach their climax even earlier. This would not be a problem except for the fact that women have a longer average time for reaching their orgasm. Research has placed this at around 20 minutes. This is probably the reason why women don’t achieve an orgasm every time they have sex so men should consider controlling their climax.

Women are also capable of reaching multiple orgasms. This means that they can have an orgasm just after the first one or have a series of orgasms right after the other. Men on the other hand require a fair amount of recuperating after reaching their climax and the amount of time needed increases as they age.

Females reach an orgasm through the stimulation of two highly sensitive parts in their body. The first one is through physical stimulation of the clitoris and the second through vaginal stimulation. Men often mistake the clitoris as the female’s G spot. The G spot is usually located on the vaginal roof, around two inches from the opening.

Females may also have different experiences when it comes to orgasm. Some females may not have the same “earth shattering” experience but have a relaxed and calm experience after sex. Many females also enjoy the closeness and intimacy of intercourse and are satisfied even without an orgasm.

5 Responses to “The TRUTH about the Female Orgasm”

  1. william dewitt says:

    My female lovers have been very generous in fluid, which is not urine, in response to stiulation. I have lost myself in love to this pleasure many times, so I know it occurs during lovemaking!

  2. vikki says:

    well to all the guys posting…..We can and do squirt not every woman every time but yes. Maybe your woman hasnt or maybe she has and you thought all that fluid was yours. Either way it happens. Stimulating aka teasing the clitoris SLOWLY for a period of time will best achieve this affect

  3. mark says:

    Im thinking pat should not be writing articles called the truth about womens orgasms. I do not have an 8″ penis but pretty certain they exist. I have seen women squirt, though most don’t. seems silly not to believe for simply not having experienced it herself.

  4. Greg says:

    Sorry Pat, but you are definitely wrong. I have been in a new relationship and we have just begun to be intimate. To both of our surprise during our first session of vaginal intercourse, she squirted a very large amount of fluid. I don’t care what the reason, physical requirements, or anything else. It was awesome and we have enjoyed it everytime since.

  5. pat says:

    I’m sorry but i don’t believe that women can squirt. I have looked into it with the knowledge of volume and time. To me it appears that a woman would have to have a sack of this ” fluid” which would have to take up more space than that required by a pregnant woman with a full bladder.

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