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If you’ve ever felt ashamed that your sex life isn’t as fantastic and fulfilling as everyone else’s – don’t be!

Many people often feel that sex is overrated because it is unrewarding for them and as such, they avoid it as much as they can.

If you long to reach the sensuous place that all of your girlfriends talk about day in and day out – if you want to finally experience what it’s like to realize and use your true sexual potential – then you’re in the right place.

It’s time for you to have the sex life you’ve always dreamed of, and we can help!

As of late, you’ve surely noticed a ton of different sites hawking herbal supplement and topical cream products aimed at sprucing up women’s sex lives. There are so many different resources and so many different products, that it can be very overwhelming trying to keep track of all the information.

Which products are good? Which products are bad? Which ones have the best value?

For the most part, many women need to find the answers to these questions through trial and error, and seeing as how many of these products are quite pricey; this can be a very expensive way to go about things indeed!

Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Who Are We?

We here at Women’s Health Weekly are a group of knowledgeable females who’ve been in this industry in various forms for quite some time. Because of this experience and level of immersion, we know exactly what works and what does not work. This website is actually the result of a collective decision we all made to share our experience in the hopes of helping women make the right choice the first time in regards to sprucing up their sex lives at long last.

Together, we have examined and studied every single sensual and sexual supplement on the market today that we could get hold of – and trust us — we’ve looked in every nook and cranny of the industry. Once again, here is where our experience within this industry has helped immensely. We’ve got every single base and product covered, thankfully for you. We’re glad and happy to help because we know just how important a fulfilling and satisfying sex life truly is!

What We Can Do For You

Since we realize your time is so precious and you’re likely a very busy woman, we feature our research and scores in the easiest and simplest way possible. As a result of this, you save untold amounts of time and money not having to go and track down and read up on every single supplement. This website is here so you can know the cream of the crop in regards to the supplements and creams. And that pun was intended! =)

Because sexual supplements have become a cutting-edge topic of study in labs around the world, recent developments and even products come out all the time. Know full well that we’re fully committed to staying on top of all of this news for you, so you’ll have a one stop resource equipped with the knowledge and products to make your sex life exciting, rewarding and fun again!

We’re here for you and we’re doing everything that we can to help you out. We’ve been there, so we know how frustrating it is to have a poor sex drive and sex life. It can completely mess up every other area of your life in a snap.

So congratulations on finding us! We know that not all women are able to find us, and because of this, spend their valued time and money searching for the supplements and products that work. As frustrating as this is, we take heart in knowing that we are doing all that we can to help the women that do find us achieve sexual satisfaction once again. Like you for instance!

Kick back, relax and know that you’re among good company. Having a fantastic sex life truly is a very big part of the spice of life. Get ready to get it back! Be excited and be happy! The sexual fulfillment you’ve longed for so long is not far off!

So what’ya say?

Are you ready to do this?

Do you trust us?

Excellent. Let’s begin getting you on the fast-track to sexual satisfaction and orgasm intensity you never believed even existed!

All you need to do is follow our top recommendations and you’ll be good to go!

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210 Responses to “Home”

  1. Shw says:

    Hie, im a 27 year old woman, married for 2 years now…my sexual drive is very low..i was detected with thyroid problems about 4 years ago but never thought this would affect my sex life with my husband..i have very low sex drive..my husband has been very patient with me up until now..but i hope it doesnt get any worse…i Love my husband and i want to have babies one day but because of the lack of sex drive i duno if it would even happen??
    is there anythin that would help me increase my sex drive..have no side effects…and have no problems incase we were to try to concieve??
    Please Help!!

    • admin says:

      Thyroid problems are known to cause low sex drive. First of all make sure that you do the following (source: about . com):
      1. Make sure your thyroid drug treatment is optimal.
      2. Make sure your TSH level is the best for your health
      3. Check your hormones – get a full profile
      4. Have a thorough physical to rule out other non-thyroid health

      If these conditions are satisfied and you still have low sex drive then consider supplementation that we have discussed. They work to restore your hormonal balance and re-ignite your sex drive!

  2. Sam says:

    Do any of these herbal supplements interact with oral contraceptives?

  3. lunitessa says:

    I’ve read THESE testimonials…. Admin just said that these supplements this site reccommends “help you achieve a hormonal balance”. My hormones have NEVER been balanced, and I’m on psych meds to help me stay “sane”. If I’m “off”, I’m suicidal. I’m AFRAID of messing with my hormones, but I have absolutely NO sex drive, only feel stimulated if I do it myself, and I have been with a 10 year younger man for 6 years. I’m REALLY tired of pretending and faking! He is, (“was”), the best lover I’ve had, but I still can’t cum. Will these products help me???? Please respond…. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      It is impossible to say if these products will help you till you try them. Only if you use them will you know if they made any difference. Worth a try?

  4. Shelly says:

    My issued doesn’t have to do with sexual satisfaction and orgasm intensity.
    I’m confused because this article says that the product is to help with libido problems, but ends by saying “let’s get you on the fast track to sexual satisfaction and orgasm intensity… etc…”
    We have excellent sex and my partner is VERY generous with the orgasms. I’ve been known to have as many as 16 in one session! The norm is more like 5 or 6 though.
    My problem is that I’m never interested anymore. The whole idea of sex just sounds like a chore.
    So… will this product help the emotional/mental aspect or just the physical aspect?
    I don’t want to live like this anymore. Having a man that is so sensual and who loves to satisfy me is a gift. I don’t want him to ever feel that he isn’t getting satisfied at home, because I’m sure someone else would be more than happy to give him a try!

    • admin says:

      Good Point. These products’ main aim is to get your hormones in place and get you in the mood. IN addition, they do help in getting stronger orgasms and higher sexual intensity – which can’t be undesirable – Can they?

  5. Valerie B. says:

    So, sadly, I am only 23 years old. I have a 20 month old son, and ever since him I have absolutely NO desire to have sex. My fiance and I are planning on getting married in the spring, however lately he has been getting quite irritable with the lack of sex. I can’t blame him, cause he has been quite patient thus far. Any recomendations for me? We want to have another baby, so I dont think I should use pills (also we did have a pregnancy a few months back and during the month and a half that I was pregnant I wanted sex constantly, unfortunately we lost the baby) But I dont know what the deal with me is… I need help now please!!!

    • admin says:

      A lot of women face this problem after having a child. Remember your body goes through huge hormonal changes during and after a pregnancy. It is recommended that you get back to some exercise and healthy eating to help restore your hormone levels. In addition, the supplements we review also help you achieve a hormonal balance which should help re-ignite your passions!

  6. mjj says:

    ARe theses products safe if you are trying to fall pregnant in the next couple of months? thanks

  7. rosa gonzalez says:

    hi i am 26 yrs old i have two kids 4yr old and a 11 month old i live with my boyfriend im happy with what life has given me so far i can’t ask for anything else at this point of my life, but i have one huge problem since i had my first child i started to experience not LOW SEX DRIVE but NO SEX DRIVE and this is a very difficult experience specially when loving the person im with and wishing to please him any every and anyway i’ve talked to my gyn about this issue and it seems not to really concern her, i also tried consouling and its not pshycological, so i figured to try out this page to see if any one understands me and help me find a solution to this huge problem. can anyone please help me getting an answer to this? what do you recommend for me to do?

  8. oldergal says:

    I am 52 and in pretty good health. I work out 3 to 4 days a week. My sex drive is very low. I am newly married and love my husband very much but it takes me forever to have a climax and some times it doesnt happen or not at all and when it does it is very weak. I have been in menopause since I gave birth to my last child and on hormone replacement Have talked to my doctor but they are no help.

  9. Clueless says:

    This is pretty weird for me I’ve never been on a site like this before but after another sad experience with my boyfriend I decided to do some research…thank god for this site! =] Okay to start off I just turned 20 years old and I have a very very veryyyyyy low sex drive. I hardly think about sex and I never get “in the mood” first or initiate anything. I love my boyfriend so much and being so young you would think we would be doing young wild things, I would love to but it just doesn’t come naturally. I want to please the man I love he’s the best, and I would like to know how it feels to please myself as well but I’m just not getting there. Please help. Any advise? =/

    • admin says:

      Low sex drive is more common than you would imagine. And although psychological help isn’t completely useless it mostly comes down to your hormones. This is where these herbal formulations seem to work better than other things. Moreover they are safe which is a big concern with most things these days.

  10. Shari says:

    I was very sick a couple years ago and was in an induced coma for quite some time before I was diagnosed with Good Pastures Syndrome. I was put on Cytoxic chemo for 6 months and chemo for a year and plasma exchange for 6 months. It has been around 2 years since i finished my treatment and one of the lasting side effects has been my total lack of libido out of all the things that have affected me I think this has been the hardest. Is there any particular product that you would reccomend.

    Im so glad that i found this site.

    • admin says:

      Our product recommendations are clearly spelled on the site. It is difficult to say whether hersolution or provestra or some other product will help you but you won’t know until you try it out. by the way, don’t hesitate to claim your money back if it doesn’t work for you. you are entitled to get 100% of your cash back.

  11. World of Warcraft Accessories says:

    Always glad to check an original blog . Thanks for the input . Of course, apart from the content , the design of your site is honestly nice . Cheers.

  12. doyle A. Murphy says:

    I hear that a woman with low sex drive, that male
    testosterone will help, her lebito ?

  13. 传奇世界私服 says:

    You made some good points there. I searched this topic and found out that most people will agree with your blog. thankx very much

  14. Theresa Biokte says:

    It’s a very useful info included in the article. I always enjoy good reading.

  15. Mauricio Amott says:

    The writer of this blog post ought to be intensely happy. I like to consider myself to have a keen eye for writing, and this truly do make me smile. Keep it going.

  16. Devastated says:

    I have slowly but surely lost all sense of need for sex. I want it with my husband, but I just don’t get the sensations any more. Unfortunately my husband has been very patient and has now given up. He does not want to feel unloved. Yesterday he left me. Please help

  17. HunnyBunn says:

    I am getting married also and I want to start my marriage with a bang but my sex drive has all but bottomed out. My fiance and I have been together for nearly 20 years and over time my desire for sex has decreased to where I just don’t even think about it like I used to. But I sooo miss that feeling of being hot and rarin’ to go!! My fiance who is older than I still has his desire but doesn’t press the issue when I tell him I’m not in the mood…

    • admin says:

      Have you tried to be more experimental in what you do in the bedroom or in fact out of the bedroom? ;) Often, the same old routine can take the excitement out of the act with the same partner. If it does not work, you might want to consider supplements – oral or vaginal to fix your problem!

  18. Ronnie James Dio says:

    This was fairly hard to find there was a lot of crap entries on this I am excited I finally found a post worthy of being under this search. Great stuff bookmarked cause I have a feeling another post on your site will answer other questions I have faster then searching bing.

  19. Gypsy says:

    I have had two kids and my sex drive is pretty much hit or miss. My problem is that it takes forever getting aroused but once I do it’s over too fast!(like 5 min or less) Can anything help me with this??

    • admin says:

      Are things getting too monotonous in the bedroom for you? This can be a leading cause of losing sex drive with the passage of time. If you keep on performing and maintaining the same routine all the time, you’ll end up with no surprises every time you have sex with your partner. One way to increase libido is to experiment and try out different ways to have sex, and incorporate a lot of play into sexual activity.
      You may also want to consult a sex therapist to check if you have other physiological or psychological issues that may impair sexual function and sexual desires.

  20. joice says:

    Hi i’m so happy to find your website i was really looking to find someone to help me enchance my sex drive since i was so ashamed to ask my friends..i’m 42 yrs old and about to remarry again with a younger guy…i feel that i’m becoming dry already or slowly becoming dry..

  21. My problem with all of this is as a Handicapped person for many yrs.the main thing that men always said to me was that no woman would ever love me without me Having sex,since I was impatant–so I can understand what all this is all about,but my Libido,was always high and I am 73 yrs.of age,I guess my point is this what about a mans thought on this that has had woman sex with me???

  22. CCS says:

    Are any of these products safe for breastfeeding moms? My lack of libido is do to child birth. I really need help but not at the expenses of being able to care for my baby.

    • admin says:

      Although products like HerSolution and Provestra are safe but as a lactating mother, I would go for gels (like hersolution gel or vigorelle) that get absorbed locally in the vagina thereby not getting passed on to your milk. Moreover they will give you nice vaginal lubrication as well which may have dried up considerably after giving birth! Good Luck!

  23. Mary says:

    I really like the quality of the vigorelle. It starts off slowly and I didn’t feel much of a difference to begin with but after a couple of weeks things started improving nicely.. I am ordering a 6 month supply

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