Which method is the best to increase my libido?

Sexual enhancement pills and gels are both great methods for increasing sex drive as well as improving your sexual well-being overall. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Gels work immediately, increasing sensation and combating vaginal dryness for ultimate sexual experience. Perhaps you feel that overactive hormones are to blame for your lack of sex drive, in which case a pill might be best for you.

How can a pill or gel affect sexual desire?

Enhancement pills combine quality botanicals that have been used in female tonics for hundreds of years. When taken daily, the ingredients build up in one’s body to counteract overactive hormones that negatively effect sexual well-being among other things. Results are not immediate, but instead are a long-term solution to regain emotional and physical balance. Enhancement gels like HerSolution Gel apply just like a personal lubricant. But rather than solely address vaginal dryness, these gels stimulate blood flow to the genitals to increase sensation and sexual response. Because they are applied directly to the desired area and absorb through the skin, gels work almost immediately. Under both the pills and gels headings we’ve included an in-depth explanation about how each method works.

Are there any other benefits?

It depends on the product. For instance, Avlimil Complete, the daily capsule supplement, is a complete solution to counteracting the negative effects of overactive hormones to recapture a sense of balance and relaxation at the same time improving sexual desire. Meanwhile, many of Provestra and HerSolution’s clients have reported a slight increase in breast size and firmness.

Is it safe?

These products are all safe, with absolutely no harmful side effects. That’s because they rely on natural ingredients used by women for centuries to promote healthy sexual function. The ingredients are blended in professional laboratories, and thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety.

Do any of these methods contain hormones?

Any women suffer from adverse effects related to hormone therapy. That’s why none of the pills or gels that we recommend contain hormones. Instead, they rely on botanicals to naturally increase libido and sexual function.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take these products?

The gels and pills on this site are safe for every woman. If you are pregnant or breast feeding though, it’s always advisable
to talk to your doctor about any supplement you may be taking.

How do I choose one product over the other?

We’ve included a broad spectrum of products so you can find one to suit your needs. While some women may consider increasing their sexual satisfaction of the utmost priority, others are looking to improve their fertility. We’ve included full product reviews so you can find the one for you; We’re confident that you will find a supplement to match your life.

Can I expect discretion about my purchase?

Your sex life is your own business, and you deserve privacy. The best supplement companies know that their clients rely on them to ensure that their purchases are kept discreet. That’s why your purchases on your credit card statement do not give away the nature of the order, instead listed under a neutral name, such as “CC Bill” or the like. All of your parcels arrive in plain packaging that does not hint at the contents inside. Your information will never be sold to third parties as well.

Am I guaranteed to get results?

All of the products that we list on our site have extensive guarantees that promise your money back if you do not get results.
It’s important to choose a supplement that stands behind the quality and effectiveness of its product – after all, any company
is only as good as its word.