How Gels Work

Imagine a personal lubricant that relieves vaginal dryness, but also increases sensation many times over to push you towards climax
faster than you thought possible. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, if you think that nothing short of this miracle gel
could make you forget about the world as you melt into sexual bliss, you’ll be happy to know that it does in fact exist.

As we said before, it’s a personal lubricant with a kick. It applies like a lubricant, with just a few drops gently
massaged onto your most delicate area with a silky texture. Meanwhile its active ingredients increase blood flow to the genitals.
Because it’s applied directly to the area of desired effects, these gels work almost immediately.
In as little as a few moments, feel the rush of warmth and desire.

More than that, you have control with a gel. You decide how often you use it, and how much.
Whether you have never climaxed before and want to awaken a dormant libido, or you keep it nearby just to add a
little excitement to an already satisfying sex life, a quality gel will work for you every time.

There are a number of things you should be looking for in a gel. The best gels should be hypoallergenic
and preferably water-based, as it will not cause skin irritations nor interfere with any form of birth control.
They should also rely heavily on natural ingredients. Sexual enhancement gels designed specifically with your body’s
needs in mind contain the botanicals that women have turned to for centuries.
Until quite recently we haven’t known the science behind the effectiveness of plants like damiana or motherwort,
but midwives saw firsthand the positive effects it had on a woman’s reproductive system as well as her overall sexuality.

Don’t get fooled by cheap imitations that are banking on the reputation of the top brands on the market.
We’ve compiled research and testimonials about many gels on the market, and present our results here to you.